Crop Care Pesticides (India) Pvt. Ltd. provides its grower clients with highly trained and professional field crop consultants..
Our research and development laboratory is fitted with technologically superior testing equipment..
Research Centre
We are a research oriented organization with prime focus on development of innovative and better plants nutrients..

Research & Development

Crop Care Pesticides devotes its considerable energies and resources to the fulfilling of its founding dream of a world wherein the scourge of pests is eradicated through the introduction of newer and better plant protection products and pesticides. The Areas we focus on are:

  • Development of better recipes for the existing pesticides formulations, to improve cost efficiency by use of locally available indigenous raw-materials and inert.
  • Development of recipes for eco-friendly formulations to replace the existing toxic chemical pesticides formulations.
  • For improvement in the existing processes, to enhance efficiency, use of less toxic and eco-friendly materials, and to minimize pollution.


The challenge of the hour is to control pests and yet safeguard our environment